Correct installation of the protective strip for the keel of the vessel
Polyurethane plastic linings protect the stem and keel of the vessel from damage when mooring to the shore and climbing onto the trailer. The advantages of such a tape are…

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Global apostille: Apostille services. Georgia apostille.
Benefits of a Braided Spinning Cord
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Parachuting: what is a hobby for extreme sports?
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Floating Markets in Bangkok

Bangkok is a modern metropolis, where, along with luxury and huge houses, there is poverty of peasant buildings and neighborhoods. There are large shopping centers or natural markets, but typical of the city is the existence of floating markets that attract tourists. Thailand, as you know, is one of the inexpensive countries that attract tourists from all over the world.

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And now we continue to seduce you with the beauties and wonders of Bangkok. Among the many floating markets, there are 5 largest:

Talin Chan;
Tha kha;
Bang KuViang;
Talan Ban Mai;
Damnyn Saduak.
If floating markets are a common occurrence for local residents, then it is a curiosity for tourists, so a good half of buyers in these places are newcomers. Many sellers rely on them for an assortment of fresh fruits, vegetables, souvenirs and ready meals.

Taling Chan Market is located near the city. It is best to visit it on weekends. This is one of the few markets similar to real floating markets. Designed more for the local population, less for tourists. The main retail outlets are located on the shore, and afloat, there are mainly inexpensive restaurants where residents or tourists go to relax with their families. You can get to Talin Chan by buses No. 79, 83 or call a taxi.

Tha Kha Market. It works 6-7 days a week according to the features of the lunar calendar. The main contingent of buyers are tourists and villagers. The products sell vegetables and fruits. You can get from the capital of Thailand by taxi, the fare will be about 500 baht.

Bang KuViang market is a traditional place of trade, mainly local people buy products here and there are few tourists. Open from 4 to 7 in the morning. Agricultural products for sale. You can get there by boat, rented on the pier, on a tuk-tuk or taxi.

The best traditional market in Thailand is Talat Ban Mai, where tourists come to rest, a kind of weekend. He was built up by visiting Chinese, who arrived in the country in search of a better life than at home. They built small shops along the banks. In these places, a tourist can order a tour of the market and the city for just 100 baht.

Damnyn Saduak market is designed mainly for tourists, it works all day. Among the goods, in addition to agricultural products, various souvenirs or national clothes are often found. To arrive at the place, you can use the bus or rent a boat and skimp on 300-350 baht.

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