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Eternal summer

No matter how trite it may sound, but when you arrive in the Dominican Republic you find yourself in a paradise, even unbelievers will appreciate it. The subtropical climate envelops from the first seconds.

As soon as you get to the beach, your breath goes astray and the reality of what is happening disappears. Before you is the purest azure clear water of the Caribbean Sea, soft white sand and lush green palm trees. The sun’s rays caress the skin.

Tours to the Dominican Republic are especially popular among beach lovers. You can choose from a hotel, a cottage or a cozy bungalow. You choose your favorite beach, secluded or more crowded place and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

On the territory of the country are magnificent palaces and cathedrals in the colonial style, which are open to the public. National parks amaze with their tropical plants, unusual flowers, outlandish birds. Excursions to wild virgin beaches, where you can feel like Robinson, are also attractive.

For lovers of outdoor activities, a paradise provides an opportunity to surf or dive. Conquer the salty expanses of gliding on the crests of the waves. Scuba dive into the underwater world of the Caribbean and watch the marine life. See corals of unprecedented beauty.

Many cafes and restaurants in the resorts of the Dominican Republic present unusual traditional dishes. The local cuisine uses legumes, bananas and vegetables in various combinations with fish or meat.

In the Dominican Republic, you can catch colorful vibrant festivals on various topics almost all year round, namely: from February to April, all summer months, September, October and December. Dance your favorite Dominican salsa, bachata, meringue or watch the dancers. And in both cases, get exceptional pleasure.

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