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Resting in Russia: Vladimir

The capital of tourist Russia and one of the most ancient cities, preserved from the time of Ancient Russia – Vladimir. The city, literally crowded with historical buildings and architectural masterpieces, at one time really was the capital, and its fame boomed far beyond the borders of the Principality of Vladimir.

Vladimir is deservedly included in the Golden Ring, and many of his wealth is included in the UNESCO list, representing significance not only for Russia, but also for the global cultural heritage.

The city is beautiful all year round, but the most comfortable time for visiting it is still summer – you can walk around the picturesque streets, imbue the spirit of antiquity and enjoy the beautiful panoramas of the Klyazma River, on the banks of which it is located.

The Pearl of Vladimir is the Golden Gate. The colossal and stunning luxury building of the mid-12th century, next to which European triumphal arches modestly stand aside. The Golden Gate was the front door to the city, along with the Silver, Copper, Trading, Ivanovo and others. Due to fires and enemy raids, the gates reached us in a strongly altered and rebuilt form, but these are the only of the seven city gates that have been preserved. Today it is a white stone building with a high arch, galleries, a viewing platform and a gate church. But once the gates shone and were visible for many kilometers, thanks to the gilded coating – the building was decorated with gilded copper sheets and other decorations. Today inside the museum. The exposition presents weapons and equipment – spears, arrows, crossbows, throwing installations, muskets, rifles, etc. A lot of captured weapons obtained in the battles of various wars. A separate part is dedicated to the Great Patriotic War and Heroes of the USSR.

Another most valuable architectural monument is the Assumption Cathedral of the 12th century. In its interiors frescoes of the XII-XV centuries, including the authorship of Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny, have been preserved. In the XIX century, a bell tower and an aisle were added to the ensemble. However, the temple is unique in that for a long time it was the main cathedral of northeastern Russia. It hosted a wedding to the Principality of many Vladimir and Moscow princes.

Around the same time of construction and Dmitrievsky Cathedral. This sanctuary is interesting with its beautiful stone carvings, which adorn its facade. On the walls of the cathedral, there are more than 600 reliefs depicting saints, scenes from myths and other topics. The cathedral was built by order of the princes Vsevolod the Big Nest. The original interior decoration was almost not preserved, with the exception of several frescoes of the XII century. Both the Assumption and Dmitrievsky Cathedrals are located on Cathedral Square – the central tourist artery of Vladimir.

A striking example of pseudo-Russian architecture is the building of the Historical Museum of the beginning of the last century. The content of the exhibition speaks for itself, so we will not dwell on it, and go straight to the museum, which is located in the city’s Water Tower. Upstairs is an observation deck, which leads to a steep spiral staircase. The exposition “Old Vladimir” is mainly devoted to the history of the city, but other objects can also be found.

The religious appearance of Vladimir would not be complete without the Church of the Holy Rosary, erected at the end of the XIX century. The temple was built in a pseudo-Gothic style, made of red brick, traditional for that time.

Relaxing in Vladimir, you should definitely visit the Museum of Nature or the planetarium. Along with churches and related buildings there are preserved malls of the XVIII century, many old monasteries. There is a drama theater in Vladimir, a Museum of crystal, lacquer miniatures and embroidery, here you will find the most beautiful Patriarchal Gardens and Vladimir Central, sung in chanson.

The heart of the summer cultural and social life is Central Park, where all the mass celebrations, performances, holidays are held, attractions, fountains and much more work.

Despite the halo of antiquity, Vladimir is a very modern city, with many entertainment places. The city has several cinemas, including a free social one. There are disco clubs, bars, restaurants, pizzerias, sushi bars.

Vladimir hotels are available for all preferences and income levels from small, located in historical buildings, to ultra-modern hotels with all the attributes for recreation and entertainment. Several hostels are open for inexpensive accommodation. All conditions have been created for moving around the city: public transport, taxis, organized tours and excursions. All kinds of festivals, celebrations, exhibitions, fairs take place in the city all year round, so whenever you come to this charming old town, there is always something to do and what to see.

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