Modern hotel Vladimir: what is it?
The history of the hotel business has more than one thousand years. Hotels began to develop back in ancient Greece and Rome, and their development was very long. During this…

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Walking in Vietnam
For modern tourists, the countries of the East and Asia are very attractive, since they are almost unknown. Interesting buildings make fantasy come true. Vietnam is a vivid example, it…

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Massage in Thailand. How not to run into hack
Massage has long been loved and revered by almost all the inhabitants of the globe. It is understandable. One type of massage relaxes that in conditions of constant stress, work,…

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Benefits of a Braided Spinning Cord

Anglers began to actively use braided cords for spinning instead of monofilament fishing line.

Braided cords withstand heavy loads and are stronger than fishing line.

When buying, remember that the permissible weight that the cord can withstand by 25-30% should be lowered in practical use. If the fishing line for a weight of 12 kg, then it can withstand only 8 kg. Add 3-5 kg ​​from the weight of the fish to the braided string.

The diameter of the cord is measured by its appearance or casing.

It consists of small fibers, which in different places have different thicknesses. Therefore, many manufacturers do not indicate their diameter on the packaging.

Among the technical characteristics, only the weight bearing is present.

The strength and breaking load of the braided cord can be measured using a standard steelyard. If the fisherman uses knots, then this can affect the strength error.

An important quality of the braid is elongation. She has a minimum percentage of stretching, it is from 1.5 to 2%. This is important when fishing with spinning lures. This stretching affects the sensitivity of the rod during bite and the quality of the hook.

The braided spinning cord is durable and can be used for two to three fishing seasons.

Braids perfectly tolerate long-term storage.

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