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Tourist Tunisia
In North Africa, there is a country that, from antiquity, has been of interest to wealthy Romans and Phoenicians, but has recently acquired the status of a beautiful resort. The…

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Tourist Tunisia

In North Africa, there is a country that, from antiquity, has been of interest to wealthy Romans and Phoenicians, but has recently acquired the status of a beautiful resort.

The country’s mentality is determined by its stay in the status of a French colony. Here tourists from Europe like to relax. Today, Tunisia is a popular tourist resort that allows you to combine the European level of service and oriental exoticism. Tunisia has a surprisingly mild climate, which allows you to spend your holidays varied and with pleasure. Tunisia will allow you to explore its ancient monuments – the ruins of Carthage and caves, dug in the south of the country many centuries ago, in which people live today. But, first of all, holidays in Tunisia are magnificent sea beaches, clear water of the Mediterranean Sea, golden sand of beaches, beauty and charm of local landscapes. All that will allow you to relax and get real pleasure.

To meet all the needs of tourists, the infrastructure of the resort business is well developed in Tunisia.

You will be offered thalassotherapy – a seaweed wrap, the effectiveness of which you can feel immediately after the first procedure. Diving, surfing, snorkeling – everything you want, and at a high professional level. They pay special attention to the safety of vacationers. Want to participate in the search for underwater treasures on sunken ships? Please take part and become lucky. Those who want to go spearfishing will also not be left without attention. You can fly in a balloon or hang glider and enjoy the beauty of Tunisia from above.

Rest in Tunisia involves treatment in the famous thermal springs of the country. The healing qualities of the springs in Ain Draham and Hammam Bourguib are complemented by the services of well-trained medical personnel, as well as nature reserves and gardens, cozy cafes and restaurants.

For those who want to see the majestic Sahara desert, there are offers to ride a one-humped camel dromedade or a modern jeep. Such excursions need to be made with a notification to the Tunisian police – the national guard, because visiting the desert is not a walk to a nearby store. The desert is insidious and fraught with dangers that can be avoided with the help of an experienced guide.

Do not forget to visit the famous Tunisian bazaars. The color of the East, which has surprisingly been preserved since ancient times, of course, will not allow you to leave empty-handed from the Tunisian bazaar. Handmade berber carpets are a symbol of Tunisia. Soft and delicate, distinguished by their unique charm, carpets will remind you that a vacation in Tunisia is a wonderful vacation and, oddly enough, will remind you of the sea beaches of Tunisian resorts.

When choosing a resort in Tunisia, remember that Mahdia can provide you with privacy, luxury with Hammamet, youth entertainment with Sousse, and demanding tourists will find Skanes, equipped in a modern way, to the north of Monastir.

What will pleasantly surprise and delight Tunisia? Of course, a combination of price and quality of service. Hotels are so comfortable and inexpensive that you will surely make Tunisia your favorite vacation spot. The country seeks to firmly take its place among the prosperous tourist countries of the Mediterranean. For example, in Tunisia, despite the Muslim religion, there are good wines of their own. True, for their preparation, French experts are invited to Tunisia, but from this the quality of Tunisian wine only increases. The only Muslim country that, in addition to wine, can offer you beer – Celtia, as well as the world’s only date liquor and fig vodka. Notice the only ones in the world. Those. without visiting Tunisia, you will never know what they taste like – these products are not exported.

Taste the national dishes of Tunisia, drink real traditional green tea, prepared according to a special ritual, visit the ancient Muslim holy city of Kairouan, relax in the resorts of Tunisia, and recover in healing thermal springs – all this will help you to have a good rest.

Over the next year, you have time to think about whether to come here again to get indescribable pleasure with a minimum of cost and maximum comfort.

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