Israel Travel News (part 2)
ISRAEL'S BEST BEACHES CHOSEN: The rating, compiled by one of the national television channels, includes only four beaches. In the first place was Rosh HaNikra (Rosh Hanikira), located in the…

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Resting in Russia - Bogolyubovo
Bogolyubovo is one of the ancient settlements that arose during the time of Ancient Russia. Bogolyubovo appeared in the middle of the XII century by order of one of the…

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Correct installation of the protective strip for the keel of the vessel
Polyurethane plastic linings protect the stem and keel of the vessel from damage when mooring to the shore and climbing onto the trailer. The advantages of such a tape are…

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Amazing Vietnam: plunge into a fairy tale

Coming to Vietnam, peering into the faces of local residents, the question is very interesting – are they really the children of a beautiful fairy and a formidable dragon, as the legend says? The people here are surprisingly kind, calm and pleasant. And their country is unusual, interesting and just as open and kind.

Ca phe sua da or ca phe den da: as in the riddle – you need to find the differences. In the first case, it is cold coffee with the addition of condensed milk, in the second – black hot. The coffee in Vietnam is delicious. Usually they drink it right in the city, surrounded by those who decided to recharge their batteries not in the home, but on the street. Coffee is brewed everywhere, almost on every corner, and everyone, sitting down on small light stools, drinks an amazing drink, eating a crisp baguette with baths: it crunches, and you can put a lot of tasty things into it – from cheese to paste. There are also many chain coffee houses.

Shondong: there is no larger cave in the world. The cave of a mountain river, but there really is a river, occupies a 6,500-meter territory. Its height in some places is up to 240 meters. The country even surprises here – deep, deep in the cave, a real forest grows, which enjoys the sun, whose rays penetrate from numerous mountain dips.

Nha Trang and Honche Island connect the funicular. It is very long and runs directly over the sea. More than three kilometers of changing species – this is what awaits those who are lucky to be here. But the joyful mood will not leave travelers, because the final goal of the trip is Winperl (an amusement park). This is where you can recall working days with gratitude, so that you can appreciate – a holiday is really, incomparable pleasure. The park has many attractions, they are all bright, varied, dizzying. You can visit the game pavilion, look into the aquarium, listen to music in the amphitheater. But this is only part of the events that awaits in Winperl.

High in the mountains is the resort town of Sapa. Around it are rice fields, and mountains rise up that cover the mists. Various ethnic tribes live here, who with great pleasure arrange interesting excursions for guests and offer to stay overnight in a mountain hut, and in the morning they are treated to pancakes with honey.

In Vietnam, there is a special part of the sea where a dragon descended from the sky. This place was called – Halong Bay. Here I want to know everything: tiny islands, rocks with bizarre bends, underwater caves. In the vicinity of Hanoi, on the island of Katba, a national park has been created, where the golden-headed langurs live. There is also a Hospital cave, it was strictly classified during the war, as it was in this cave that the Americans hid their wounded.

Kuti tunnels located underground are also reminiscent of the war. Here, the brave Vietnamese kept their ammunition, placed a hospital and barracks, not afraid that the Americans would find them, being at that time 10 meters above them. These courses stretch for 200 kilometers, and now the part is open for visiting.

Vietnamese cone-shaped straw hats are known all over the world. Each traveler necessarily acquires it for a long memory. All souvenir departments of shops and bazaars offer such a special present. And here is another surprise – it can be woven with your own hands in the village of Chuong – this is not far from Hanoi. Connoisseurs advise you not to forget to buy a fish sauce called “mother’s nook” – it has a very unusual aroma.

Ho Chi Minh This is the father of the nation, whom the country honors and loves. In many institutions, the portraits of the leader hang in the most honorable place, and the body in the main square of Hanoi lies peacefully in the mausoleum.

Muine village and extreme are twin brothers. Winds settled on the shore near the village, which were appreciated by kite and windsurfers. This is where you can see whole performances, admire the beauty of tanned athletes from around the world. And who does not risk to engage in extreme sports, can join professionals in the popular Dragon Beach Bar. Near the village there are dunes where red sand is combined with white. Beautiful and soft.

Seven tombs of emperors, similar to small palaces, are located on the banks of the river. There is the Hue Citadel, which is surrounded by a moat and thick impregnable walls. The highlight of the local restaurants: here you can cook dishes according to recipes of the old time.

Puppet theater, not simple, but on the water is a marvel. He was fond of peasants when seasonal floods occurred right in the rice fields full of water. Nowadays, a pool with a screen is used for such purposes, and puppeteers are hiding behind it. They arrange plays from the life of peasants for a large audience.

Vietnam was once ruled by chams who worshiped their gods. It was they who built temples in which there were unusual multi-armed statues. In the Cham Museum in Da Nang, many altars, figures and sculptures made of stone have been preserved.

Hoi An is both a city and a museum. There are many old buildings, architectural monuments. Shoe shops, sewing workshops are flourishing.

Dalat, high in the mountains, has the best strawberries in the world. It is bought in the market only in the morning. Here are tea plantations and flower gardens, the Buddhist monastery Truk Lam, Prenn Falls with a suspension bridge.

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