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Book a hotel online

The development of Internet technologies offers us many new opportunities. With the advent of specialized sites, it has become much easier to organize your vacation, plan your trip yourself, without contacting travel agencies. Therefore, many Vladimir hotels, not to mention hotels in larger cities, offer their customers the option of electronic room reservations, which is now very popular. Consider the option of booking hotels on the example of the hotel “Orion” in Vladimir.

In order to independently book a room in a hotel or hostel, you must go to the website of the hotel of interest. In the booking section, you will need to fill out the appropriate fields on the booking form, including the desired dates of travel, number of guests and other additional parameters (pets, parking, Wi-Fi, etc.). From the proposed room options, select the one you need and send a request for room reservation. Everything is very simple and clear. Then they will contact you, confirm the reservation and explain how you can pay for it.

Sometimes a reserved room can be paid immediately – it all depends on the capabilities of the reservation service installed on the website.

Always pay attention to the conditions of confirmation and cancellation of the reservation. It is very important! Carefully read the requirements that you must fulfill in order to book a room. Especially with regard to cash settlements. Often you have to tie the reservation to a credit card, but at the same time the reservation service as such remains free (until a certain time). There is nothing strange here. So hotels protect themselves from tourists who book many options “just in case” or from those who refuse a room at the last moment. But it is worth noting that sometimes the booking itself will be paid and this will be indicated in the conditions.

The second sharp question is cancellation of reservation. There are many options here. Most often, it is possible to refuse a room without paying a fine at any time no later than a day before the time of arrival, sometimes the period is tightened to 3-7 days. The latter is usually found in large hotels or in the “high” season. The amount of the fine is also prescribed in the list of conditions (in most cases, it is equal to payment for 1 day). Sometimes this amount can be blocked on your card. It is also important to know that often the actual price for a room differs from that indicated on the site. The final amount we see already in the transition to the reservation. Usually it increases due to additional fees, taxes and charges for using other hotel services.

There are a few simple rules, following which will help you not to get into trouble with the choice of place of residence. If you want to book a good room, then pay attention to the following:

The area of ​​the room. This will help you adequately appreciate the space where you have to live. If you are accustomed to relatively free movement around the room, then choose rooms with a meter of 35-40 m². Also check the availability of a loggia, balcony, large windows. In bright rooms, people feel more comfortable and relaxed.
The location of the hotel. This factor is very important. The proximity of major roads, busy entertainment or shopping centers, on the one hand, will save your transportation costs and diversify your vacation, but, on the other hand, will add noise to the day and night. Therefore, if you are sensitive to loud sounds, check the hotel’s surroundings on maps in advance. It is also worth clarifying the proximity of the main attractions if you plan to explore the city so that you do not spend a lot of money and time on traveling.
The size of the hotel. Pay attention to the size of the hotel. If the number of rooms is large (for 400-500), then there is a risk of getting into the crowd and queues. At the same time, the level of service is likely to suffer, you will not receive proper attention from the staff, you will lose time and good mood. The size of the hotel is especially relevant for those who are going to spend all their free time there. Make sure that you have enough space for a comfortable stay or active activities, your children will have somewhere to play and run, without disturbing other guests.
Availability of additional services. They usually include parking, Wi-Fi access on site, meals, transfers, fees and taxes. If you plan to take a car with you, then specify the cost of parking, its location and terms of use. Access to the Internet is also not always free or its coverage does not apply to rooms. You may also be let down by the speed of a public network. Therefore, if necessary, find out the prices for a paid connection in advance. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, if not included in the room rate, can be ordered on site. Rates are usually posted on hotel sites.
If you still have questions, before booking a room, clarify all disputed issues with the hotel accommodation department by calling them, or contact the site support service. Do not be afraid to ask and defend your point of view, if you are right. Do not give in or turn a blind eye to flaws. Remember, the quality of your relaxation, mood and health depend on this.

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