Benefits of a Braided Spinning Cord
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Parachuting: what is a hobby for extreme sports?
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Family holidays in Vityazevo

If you want to spend your holidays at sea with children, then there is no better place than Vityazevo! The beach strip is up to 200 meters wide with golden sand, well landscaped.

There are water rides on the beaches, slides that will bring a lot of pleasure to you and your children. At your service riding a catamaran, a jet ski. Fans of extreme sports will enjoy diving, parachuting, flying on a motor-hang-glider or the opportunity to fly into the sky on a light-engine plane.

Holidays at sea can not be imagined without bathing. And in Vityazevo the sea warms up quickly and well, so the swimming season lasts from May to October. The seabed is flat and gentle, and you can not worry about children.

In Vityazevo, the problem of public catering is well resolved. The village has a large number of catering establishments where you can eat tasty and inexpensively. Along the beach there are numerous cafes and small restaurants where you can eat tasty and inexpensive. Also in the village there are a lot of stalls selling juicy southern fruits.

Choosing a vacation in Vityazevo, you will not only enjoy the sea air, swimming in the sea, the beauty of the surrounding nature, but you can also improve your health. Hot beach sand and healing mud of the Vityazevsky estuary have long been successfully used in balneotherapy. They have a particularly good effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Holidays in Vityazevo will please both parents and their children. For children, there are places for games and entertainment. There are two parks in Vityazevo with a large number of attractions, a visit to which will bring your children quite a few pleasant moments. Holidays in Vityazevo are approaching the standard of European holidays at sea with family.

For lovers of educational relaxation, various excursions are organized. You can visit Abrau-Durso and participate in a champagne tasting, visit the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov, get acquainted with the sights of Anapa, admire the mountain waterfalls, enjoy the beauty of the caves. Tickets for excursions can be purchased without difficulty at almost every intersection in Vityazevo.

In the evening, numerous entertainment venues will open their doors for you. At your service discos, night clubs, concert halls. No one will be bored! Here everyone will find for themselves a relaxation that you will remember for a long time. Believe me, that there is no better place for family vacations than in Vityazevo in Russia!

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