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Dominican Republic – a tropical paradise on earth!

Dreaming of a vacation in a true paradise with unspoilt nature, amazing beaches and unique landscapes? Then last-minute tours to the Dominican Republic are your choice! You can swim in the country throughout the year, the flora and fauna are striking in their unique diversity, and the locals are always friendly, giving the best to guests. On the territory of the island state, you can also try delicious dishes that cannot be found in any kitchen in the world. What is the local rum worth?

You can book tours to the Dominican Republic throughout the year: there is no frost and snow familiar to a Russian person, and sea water is always warmed up to + 22 … + 24 degrees. However, the tropical climate does its job perfectly: from May to September, the wet season lasts in the country – with numerous rains, storms and hurricanes are not excluded. The high season – the period from mid-October to the end of March – will delight travelers not only with impeccable weather, but with numerous carnivals arranged for guests.

A key local attraction is nature. It is striking in its beauty: snow-white coral beaches, clear clear water, tropical forests and mountains invite you to relax within your limits and enjoy the eternal summer. Here you will be greeted by exotic birds fluttering in fabulously beautiful bays and graceful humpback whales, which can be seen walking on a yacht near the Saman Peninsula.

But above all, the Dominican Republic is the beaches. Punta Cana is a resort with many kilometers of white sand beaches, coconut groves on the ocean, hotels that are perfectly integrated into the natural landscape. This is the perfect choice for a honeymoon or a relaxing family holiday.

Exquisite Punta Cana and the mysterious La Romana, delightful Puerto Plata and paradise Juan Dolio – these are the main Dominican resorts, which attract many tourists from all over the world with a magnet. Any of the resorts will delight travelers with its amazing sights and mild climate at any time of the year.

It is a comfortable climate and amazing landscape that attract travelers from all over the world to the Dominican Republic. During the day, tourists enjoy the beach and water sports, and in the evening, hundreds of hospitable restaurants and noisy discos invite guests to relax, you can have a drink in the pub or try your luck at the casino.

On the Dominican Islands, fishing enthusiasts can try spearfishing. Not far from Santo Domingo, the capital of this tropical state, you can explore the caves of Tres Ojos. In the city, visit a huge aquarium with marine inhabitants or admire the architecture of the Alcazar de Colon, a beautiful palace of the 16th century. Speleology enthusiasts can descend into a huge fifteen-meter cave covered with stalactites.

Hospitable coastal waters and colorful corals are suitable for divers and underwater fishing. History buffs must visit Puerto Plata with its diverse colonial-style architecture immersed in tropical vegetation. The name of this area is Amber Coast, for many hundreds of years amber has been mined here. Therefore, tourists have a unique opportunity to visit the Amber Museum. Adults will be interested in tasting rum right at the manufacturing factory.

Recently popular green tourism has attracted vacationers to Samana, where, along with traditional water activities, you can feel like a naturalist. Every day they go from here to observe sea turtles, and from January to March, you can watch the mating games of humpback whales.

In general, tours to the Dominican Republic are a fantastic vacation, enthralling!

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