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Tours to Spain – Valencia

One of the largest cities in Spain – Valencia, is located on the Mediterranean coast in the south-eastern part of Spain. A city with a mild climate, here the air temperature fluctuates between 17 – 20 degrees Celsius. Summer in the city is very warm, winter is mild.

Valencia is a favorite destination for tourists, especially in the summer. A variety of leisure activities where you can go in for sports, taste the charm of the city’s cultural and nightlife, attracts people of various age categories. In winter, rest in Valencia will give new strength, and the Mediterranean sun will energize.

Tours to Spain in the winter year after year more and more attract tourists. It is not for nothing that Norwegians, Germans and British traditionally rest in Valencia, because in the Middle Ages the territory of the current province existed as the Kingdom of Valencia, where the Valencian language is still preserved – a Catalan dialect. In addition, local residents are very friendly and not as principled and “hot” as their compatriots.

Tourism in this province of Spain began to develop about 60 years ago, previously the province lived on agriculture, and on the coasts, the inhabitants of Valencia were engaged in fishing. It makes sense to visit Valencia with the whole family. There will be no problems in finding hotels, rental holiday cottages and rental apartments, you can choose them yourself, or use the services of tour operators.

Rest for the whole family – the opportunity to engage in your favorite sports, from tennis to football. You can go on a yacht trip and explore the Mediterranean coast. A walk through the city, whose streets lead to the port, which is the second largest in Spain, will also bring pleasure. The beaches of Valencia are well equipped, their territory is constantly cleaned, there are showers and other amenities. The meeting of the new year in Valencia will be remembered for a long time and will become a habit, because tickets for sightseeing tours to Spain can be ordered at discounted prices.

The coast of the Mediterranean Sea of ​​the Valencian province stretches for 500 kilometers, which has about 450 hotels, there are water parks, casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, so there are many options for spending time on vacation in this wonderful city. The city hosts various excursions from exploring the bed of the dry Turia river, the Royal Bridge and the Templars Palace, to excursions to the coastal artillery battery.

Tourists will be interested in the local attractions abounding in Valencia. The premises of the Provincial Museum of Fine Arts have collected more than 2000 exhibits and works, including paintings by famous Spanish artists – Bosch, Velazquez, Murillo, Van Dyck, as well as other European masters. The Cathedral, the symbol of Valencia, built in the 13th-14th centuries in the Gothic style, which is one of the earliest in Spain, is also admirable. In the Cathedral you can admire the works of artists Rieber, Goya, Nicola Florentino.

Tourists who have visited Valencia choose tours to Barcelona in September, when the Mediterranean Sea is especially warm, in addition it is a good opportunity to continue exploring Spain and the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

It is almost impossible to describe Valencia in words and convey all its beauty: time stops on the white sands of Valencia’s beaches, you can walk for hours on the streets of the city, forgetting about time, enjoying the beautiful landscape and works of architecture, and of course, as in any beautiful place, you always want to return.

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